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Under normal circumstances, formal online courses on behalf of institutions will have their own independent website, and the purpose of the website is not only to promote transactions with international students, but also to share some writing consultations about international students. However, the formal online course agent agencies are generally quite strong in the maintenance and update of website information. Basically, the website information column will be updated every two or three days. Therefore, when students are looking for an online course agent, Let’s take a look at the update time of the other party’s website. If the latest update date is still on the agency that is a few months ago, then I don’t recommend you to choose it. An online class agency does not perform basic website maintenance. I would like to waste energy, so most of them are some informal and unreliable online courses on behalf of institutions. Regarding the charging model of online course agents. With the demand of the market, the demand of international students for online course agents is also increasing. Everyone knows that online courses are not cheap, and if you are cheated, it will be a huge loss. Naturally, those black-hearted intermediaries will not miss this opportunity to make a fortune. So how to reject unscrupulous institutions and find a reliable online course on behalf of the institution?
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