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Advertise on Sergiu Business Directory


You can advertise on Sergiu Business Directory:

200x200 banner on left column - price 5$/month - Available : 5 spots
250x250 banner on right column - price 5$/month - Available : 4 spots

You can't advertise for this type of websites:
  • adult or escort
  • gambling
  • pharmacy

In the payment description please write
  1. left or right column
  2. destination url for banner
  3. src url for the image

There are maximum 9 spots sold so if the advertise spots are all occupied you will be noticed on the payment screen.

If you forget to write 1) 2) and 3) in the payment description you can contact us (please don't forget to add Paypal transation ID).

You can cancel anytime, your banner will stay up until 1 month period expire.

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